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Thursday, November 3, 2011

False Accusations Against Cain Fail

False Accusations Against Cain Fail to accomplish what his detractors wanted, to shut down his campaign. Today we learn that a nationwide poll after all this trash talking still shows Cain in the lead and the Cain campaign states they have just had their highest campaign contribution on record for the entire campaign.

This goes to show that the people are tired of this kind of dirty politics, personal dishonesty, treachery, and influence peddling, and people will not let it influence their opinion about candidates. 

These two women who signed a non-disclosure agreement without proof of anything of real inappropriate behavior other than their word are little more than common day prostitutes. Bringing this up in spite of that agreement shows they are also extortionists now trying to cash in even bigger by taking advantage of Herman Cain's new found good fortune.

Now, as is always the case, we see the bandwagon effect taking place as another woman comes forward to try to get her 15 minutes of fame and personal gain.  No one should have a right to bring up alleged allegations against someone else, especially when it is obvious that it is intended to gain monetarily and or hurt someone applying for a job or public office, when they didn't make the allegations when they allegedly occurred. If they didn't report it at the time, it didn't happen.

For to long we have allowed this attitude that if a woman says it, it must be true scenario. Women have used this for their own monetary gain time and time again and it is time it stopped. It is disrespecting to honest women who should be outraged and speak out against it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks not to mention how harmful and hurtful it is to honest men..

The main stream media (MSM) that is trying to keep this going are a reprehensible bunch of democratic socialists and left wing panderers. Fox News' Shepard Smith isn't much better especially when he trumps it up as though it were true to help his left wing MSM commie friends. Why Fox keeps this pretty boy on air is mind boggling. He is far from balanced.

It is time we stop this nonsense. That is my opinion.

Rev. Rick Stoneking
The Christian Jihadist
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