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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sorry I Have Been Gone But I'm Back!

I AM BACK! I will be posting again starting next week.

As many of you know I am disabled and homebound. I have been going through a number of new medical  issues the last few months. That is all the reason more why I need volunteers to help with the website and the mission administration

It is absolutely imperative that Christian Jihadists pour on the fire and get a fire going under the feet of potential voters. We need to focus on swing voters. We need to get out there and teach moderate democrats the truth about their party. It isn't the old democratic party any more.

We need to focus on getting new voters to the polls to vote for true conservative candidates. We need to elect those who are both fiscally AND socially conservative and we absolutely must start digging into the background of judges from the local to federal level. This has been a critical failure at the local,county,  circuit court, and state supreme court levels. We must find out which judges are true conservatives or as close thereto as possible, and generate support for them.

We also need to do the same with elected officials from the lowest local level to the state level. Local and county officials have largely been ignored. This includes the so called non-partisan races. That is just a ploy by the left to keep you in the dark so you won't know who to vote for usually resulting in your voting for the person with the most name recognition. That of course will be democrats since the local and network news promote the left wing liberal candidates. Even when they show both sides they always show the liberal in a positive light and the conservative in a less positive or outright negative light

We urgently need an intermediate to expert level WordPress web developer to volunteer to serve as our webmaster to manage/maintain our website. The one you see online now is just a temporary one.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at

God Bless You All

Rev. Rick Stoneking