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Friday, March 11, 2011

Obama responds to evidence of his lies with more lies about Oil and Gas.

Obama is giving a speech and as usually that means he is lying about something. He has had the audacity to look facts straight in the eye and deny them and lie about them. The Stalinist cycle continues. You tell a lie and then repeat it so often with great fervor that the people begin to believe the lie is the truth in spite of the facts at hand that show what the real truth is.

I posted on my blog yesterday an article link showing that his administration is deliberately hindering job growth and development by refusing to get oil and gas leases approved. Today he comes out and in spite of that truth, makes out like he is doing his best but the oil and gas companies are standing in the way and not asking for the leases. That is a lie. The reason is because of the conditions he and his socialist democrat friends have placed on the companies that tie their hands in knots.

Here is a blog quote from Kenneth Moyes regarding this issue.

68 Million Acres and Oil Companies Do Not Drill

If you listen to Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Democratic strategists on talk shows, or read opinion pieces written in the far left newspapers, like the New York Times, you have heard/read that we do not need to open up new areas for drilling, because the oil companies are sitting on 68 million acres and they have not bothered to drill on those acres. Click the above title for his full post.

Here is a fact check site from the American Petroleum Institute that tells the truth about the Obama administration by refuting their circular arguments using talking points that base their comments on their talking points and none based on facts. Here is a link to get the truth.

The Bible says "The truth shall set you free" that is true in secular life as well. Do not take anything Obama says as truth, especially since in his own words he has demonstrated his willingness to mislead, deceive and outright lie to the American people and the world.

Americans, you have been warned. Do not be deceived.