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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Obama Secretly Hiding That He Is Mentally Retarded?

I think that most people without reservation would absolutely say no! Neither do I think he is retarded. In fact, I think he is very intelligent. Therein is the rub. If Obama is the intelligent person I think he is then why has he been utterly incompetent in dealing with our national issues, including national security, and foreign policy?  Perhaps it is that he simply lacks experience. Of that, there is no doubt. When elected, Obama had neither government leadership experience, nor corporate leadership experience at all.

What hypocrites the Socialist Democratic Party were for claiming Sarah Palin did not have enough experience to be president. She at least had been a mayor for two terms and a governor for two years. She is also very intelligent. Socialist Democrats like to point out her "obvious" intellectual incapacity because of a few gaffes she has made. Everybody does that. Therein is more hypocrisy of the Socialist Democrats. How many weeks are in a year? Most fifth or sixth graders would probably tell you 52. Yet Obama seems to think there are 57. Really, is he that ignorant? No, of course he is not. It was a simple off the cuff mistake like Palin made. Yet, there was a big difference in response.
The experience issue has become a front and center National Security concern. Because of his lack of any leadership experience beyond organizing socialist to mob action, he has no leadership skills at all. I believe that without a doubt, we now have the most incompetent president in the history of our country. This leadership vacuum makes him the most, unfit commander In Chief, in America's history.
Obama is literally destroying the United States from within while, at the same time, shaming her and making her impotent as a world leader abroad. America has become a pathetic excuse for a super power in the eyes of many of our allies and even worse, an easy target for terrorists.

Obama's incompetence is emboldening our enemies and they are taking advantage of Obama's cowardice by stirring up trouble in all the Asian and north African countries. They believe they have nothing to fear from the United States so they are going all out to push for a Muslim Caliphate throughout the Middle East, greater Asia, and North Africa.
I remember seeing someone on TV, about the time all this started happening, explaining in considerable detail what was really going on. While Socialist Democrats and many weak Republicans were saying no, this is a peace movement; Glenn Beck was showing with clear factual detail what was really happening. The Socialist Democrats called Beck all kinds of names and even ridiculed by many weak Republicans. They called Beck a crazy right wing lunatic, conspiracy theorist, troublemaker, and even called him stupid. Yet again, Beck made them all eat their words as everything he factually detailed happened and continued as he showed it would. Where is Obama in all of this? Absent! Out playing golf and running around like a frat boy. So here again it looks like Obama's incompetence is severely hurting America. On the other hand, is it incompetence? I am of the opinion that he is very intelligent. True he is also inexperienced but he does not make decisions in a vacuum. Yet, America is being destroyed from within and without? So, what is the problem?

The answer lies in a bold statement Obama made during the run up to the election. He said when he took office that he intended to: "fundamentally transform America." That, my friend, is exactly what he is doing. What is happening to tear down this country is not from his incompetence. It is precisely because he has intelligently, and shrewdly, conspired with his Socialist Democrat friends to bring about the destruction of America and our capitalist Republic in order to transform America into a Socialist democracy. Do not let that word democracy fool you. A Socialist democracy is little more than mob ruled. Most people do not realize that this Socialist Democracy Obama is trying to turn America into is the same type of government Hitler transformed Germany into when he became her leader! In the beginning, Hitler was a charismatic, persuasive individual just like Obama today.

Christians are under increasing persecution in this country not by radical Islamic terrorists, but by our own government. The Clinton Administration began this process of using the various government agencies as tools to harass, intimidate, and even destroy Christian Organizations and Churches. Yet even in this, there is a clear double standard of yet another example of Socialist-Democratic hypocrisy. It is a well-established fact that white churches and organizations were, and are, held to a tougher standard and heavily persecuted but black churches and organizations are getting away with blatant violations of the law and government regulations. Why is this? It is simply a matter of politics. Socialist Democrats believe they own the black vote and will do anything to keep it, including addicting blacks to one of the most addictive things known to humanity. I am referring of course to welfare. The idea of not having to work for what you have because the government is responsible for taking care of the individual is a compelling force.

Now I know less than minutes after reading this I am going to start getting all kinds of hate mail calling me a racist and all sorts of things. Some people are just like that. Others will use it as simply an opportunity to attack a conservative. I mean after all, we all know conservatives are racists who hate blacks and other minorities and we all want a utopian white world right? That is such garbage. Conservatives have to deal with these falsehoods when writing about issues involving one race or another. Keep your hate mail to yourself! I am not a racist, I do not want a white utopia, and I really do have a lot of black friends, and Asian, and European, and Islanders, and South Americans, and others.

We will discuss the Socialist Democrats ownership of the black vote in another blog. For now, Christians of all races need to understand that this is only the beginning of the persecution and it will get worse, much worse if Socialist Democrats succeed in transforming America into a socialist form of government. We must not allow America to fall to the socialists. It is time for Christians to step up and defend their God and their country.

I AM CALLING FOR FULL SCALE CHRISTIAN JIHAD. EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND YOUNG PERSON WHO CAN DO SO MUST TAKE UP THEIR ARMS AND START SHOOTING DOWN THE LIES OF THE SOCIALIST LEFT.  It is time for us to use the weapons God has given us, The Sword Of Truth, The mind of Christ, and the pen.  These are our weapons.

It is time we took the fight to the enemy in a very real way. We are now at war. However, our fight is not by guns and bombs but with the Sword of Truth and a pen. Every single day you must engage the enemy. If you do not know what to say to refute their lies then learn. There is no room for slackers and sluggards in this fight. You can at least say you want to see America restored to her former glory as the Christian Capitalist Republic founded by our forefathers.If that is all you know then respond with that but start learning immediately. A great place to start is to listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on their radio shows and watch Glenn Beck on Fox News at 5:00 ET. Then hit the library.