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Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama, And The Case of Misplaced Glorification.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. We can all agree on that. What we cannot all agree upon is why Obama took credit for this operation that resulted in Osama being killed and why his minions are out talking up how it shows Obama is not weak on foreign policy, that he is a decisive president. But what is the truth?

What did Obama know and when did he know it? The truth is that Obama was neither decisive nor strong. Obama knew about Bin Laden's suspected whereabouts in 2009. The compound was under direct CIA surveilance for over a year and the CIA believed strongly that it was a high value terrorist target, and probably Bin Laden, since 2009. Further, the CIA knew it was Bin Laden for the last nine months. They were prepared to take action two years ago in 2009 to take out what was then believed a high value terrorist target and the last nine months, Bin Laden himself. But Obama stalled and stalled.

During all that time Obama repeatedly refused to take action because he is so risk averse. He stalled, and stalled until he couldn't stall any longer. The question is why? Was it because he is afraid to take a risk? Or, was it something more sinister, waiting to use it to jump start his re-election campaign. His decision timing is certainly a strange coindence.

Obama was given credit for making the decision even by republicans because the president is the one who has to make the decision. He had no choice! Further, he stalled as long as he could until he was relatively certain that there was as little risk as possible. Further, it was not his decision to go with the Seals. They were the only best choice. Again, if he wanted to succeed, he had no choice! 

The truth of the matter is that Pres. Bush is owed far more credit for this operation because it was Bush who rebuilt our CIA and defense capabilities afer Clinton evicerated them. Further, Obama tried to prosecute the CIA operatives who developed the very information that he used to justify the operation! In fact, the prosecution threat is still alive. 

In short, Obama deserves absolutely no credit for this operation. Nor does he deserve credit for making the "tough" decision to go ahead with the operations with SEAL Team Six. They were the only viable option for doing what we needed done. We didn't just want to kill Bin Laden. We needed the intel that would be available when taking him out. It was absolutely imperative that we got that information. This negated the use of an air strike which would have destroyed the intel that was worth much more than the killing of Bin Laden. If we had missed Bin Laden and still got all the intel we did, it would have still been a resounding success!

Our CIA and Special Ops forces are the ones who deserve the credit for this operation. Obama claiming "our policies resulted in this operation" is an outright lie. His policies would have made it impossible!

Obama's policies have already hurt our efforts to get more value out of the intelligence.  Obama and his minions told 18 lies about this operation within the first 48 hours after it became public. Making matters worse, Obama gave out a huge amount of details about the information we obtained and our sources and methods in trying to explain away his lies. That has seriously diminished any ability we had to take out other Al Qaeda operatives. He was so desperate to glorify himself that he couldn't wait to tell the whole world all about "his operation" that "he authorized". Doing so has seriously diminished any further benefit we could have gotten from all the intel we obtained.

As extremely well prepared as SEAL Team Six was, the Obama administration was equally unprepared. I want the answers to these questions.

Why did the Obama administration not know before the operation was launched what they would do with the pictures and videos they knew would be available after the fact? 

In light of the "birther" issue why was he not prepared to show proof of Bin Laden's death. 

Why was he not prepared to show the photo's of Bin Laden? Did he think they would be more disturbing than people plunging to their deaths from over 100 stories up to escape the inferno? Was it because it would have been to gruesome for the American people to bear unlike the figures of Americans being beheaded or hung from a bridge and set on fire?  Now, all kind of conspiracy theories and denials abound throughout the middle east and among the Muslim Nations.  

Why weren't they prepared to deal with the Pakistani response which was sure to come? What we see is an administration in complete chaos due to utter incompetence. That is unless of course this is just another step Obama has taken to continue the destruction of America so he can "fundamentally transform" it into a socialist state.

No, Obama does not deserve to be glorified or congratulated for this operation because he literally had nothing to do with it other than to make a decision public that was already made by others privately.

For more discussion about this topic read Douglas MacKinnon's Excellent Article in TownHall titled "President Credit-Grabber 

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